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Reactions from a dear old friend I went to school with

You have started something as interesting as having a normally "too lazy to bother to reply" person like me get all charged up enough to write this mail.

Regarding Police State
-Do look up Dr.Binayak Sen in whatever domain you may care to. (Here’s one such link : )

-Would like the patriotic Bengali’s take on the recent episode of 5 girl students of Jadavpur University being harassed by CPM goons;
and there are lots more for which I neither have time nor patience.

(Here’s the link for this one : )

2. On looking at the West (or the East for that matter); would like the jingoistic Bengali to comment on:

-Why is Buddhadeb hell bent on doing a blow-job on the Salims for inducing them to come to our Sonar Bangla?

-Why do Kolkatans have collective multiple orgasms over "phoren" stars gracing our "desher maati"; the latest among them being Oliver Kahn and IPL stars of the ilk of Shane Warne, Shoaib Akhtar et al?

-And talking about sports,well surely one does have to look Westwards (Germany, Netherlands, Spain); and Eastwards (Korea, Australia)  at least in the case of Field Hockey?

The list is endless and one can go on till Kingdom Come with issues such as the stock markets tracking FII and the government allowing them greater stakes but the intention here is not to spew the venom of self-deprecation. I am quite confident that my sense of patriotism is as strong as the next guy but at the same time I would definitely like to show misplaced Jingoism  its own place. Getting up in arms at the whiff of criticism is of course the hallmark of the true Indian.


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