If You Want To Arrive, You Need To Stand Up When Needed

CWG 2010 Games Village

CWG 2010 Indoor Stadium

Mediawatch, ABC, exposing the hoax and the blatant untruth of the report about Security at the CWG 2010 by Channel 7

Though a somewhat long clip, I would like you to view this clip before reading the rest of this entry. It’s the kind of stuff which frankly makes me furious. Would any country, with more than a modicum of self-respect,  have tolerated such blatantly untrue, fraudulent reporting on something as sensitive and ‘explosive’ as security, specially on the eve of a major international event like the C’wealth games? How do you think the U.S. or U.K. or even Australia would have reacted to the false sensationalism and utter fraud perpetrated by this Anglo-Saxon trash who passes himself off as a ‘reporter’? What about his employers,  Channel 7 Australia, who possibly knew this was a concocted and staged episode even while they widely splashed the ‘expose’ around? At the cost of a somewhat long rant, I can’t help but make some points. Here they are:

Mark Duffy’s video report about the ‘sting’ operation re: Security at the CWG 2010

Article in the Daily Mail, U.K. re: the apparent Security Lapse at CWG 2010

CWG 2010 Stadium

1. The way the mainstream media operates internationally is rather sad on a number of occasions. A whole host of publications just picked up the utterly false report filed by this bozo and gave it wide publicity without even any attempt to verify it or mention the rebuttals immediately offered by the Delhi Police and the CNN India correspondent. This should make discerning readers and viewers treat sensational news stories with more than a pinch of salt in the absence of independent corroboration.

2. Mark Duffy or Mike Darcy or whatever this piece of trash is actually named, should be promptly arrested for misrepresentation, willful and malicious distortion regarding issues concerning national and games security and grilled and shafted till he spills the beans and comes out with a confession about this entire episode. I do know that the Delhi police are quite effective in shafting suspects when the need arises and Mark Duffy should be given the full treatment, leaving out nothing. Pinkos and liberals crying themselves hoarse in India or overseas should plainly be ignored.

3. After the truth is ascertained, he should be deported from India forthwith (if he is still around that is) and put on a perpetual blacklist as far as granting VISA and entry to India is concerned. At every stage, the actions being taken against him should be widely publicized in the international media, notwithstanding any carping or criticism from pinkos and faux liberals (there are quite a few Arundhati Roys the world over).

4. Any accreditation that his employer, Channel 7 has, to operate within India, should be forthwith cancelled and pending a public and widely publicized apology from them, the butts of any foreign correspondents of Channel 7 who may be operating in India presently should be kicked soundly and right out of the country. At every stage, this should be publicized enough so that no other foreign media correspondent or certified asshole like Mike Duffy / Darcy ever dares to pull such stunts again in India on matters as sensitive as national security.

Believe me, if India keeps comparing itself with China on a whole range of issues, what I have suggested above, is only a small fraction of the steps China would have initiated if some charlatan, posing as an investigative reporter, had ever pulled such a stunt there. Which is why, in the first place, guys like Mike Duffy, his bosses in Channel 7 or even the large stakeholders of that Channel would never ever dream of trying out such a stunt in China!

The reason they dare try such stuff in India is because they feel that the Indian administration is confused and wimpish in its responses to such capers. The Indian media, in its quest for sensational news, is more than willing to amplify such reports by trashy reporters and channels, without any attempt to corroborate the sequence of events or get the other side of the story from the relevant sources.

I presume that guys like Mark Duffy may already be in India (or travelling in and out) alongwith with several of his Channel 7 colleagues, to cover the CWG at least. So, the Indian authorities can initiate the follow-up action, right in Delhi, without any further procrastination. It would make a lot more sense to do this rather than running around and getting RIM (Blackberry) to hand over the key for decrypting corporate messages for instance.

Let’s also get real about some basic issues here. Australia is a nice country, eminently liveable, with its fair share of decent folks, not-so-decent folks, closet racists and outright boors too. Its economy and politics is quite suspect though. Given the pretty fragile state of the economy (agriculture/ dairy, mining & education being the 3 pillars on which it rests) and its dependence on trade with other Asian biggies, its about time Australia and Australians were given some clear messages about which foot the shoe is on. It’s an undeniable fact that the Australian authorities and the administration bends over backwards and grovels – yes literally grovels – while dealing with China with which it has a major trading relationship. For quite some years it has been a similar scenario with Japan. In fact I would hazard a guess that Kevin Rudd – the baby-faced cretin and utter nincompoop who was PM till sometime back when his party and his deputy, the present P.M. Julia Gillard, decided that they have had enough of him and summarily kicked his ass out of office (a 5 word sketch of Kevin Rudd ) – willingly allowed the Chinese to violate him anally, figuratively speaking, time and time again, for various considerations (I stand by that statement and can marshall enough available material to debate it with any Aussie or anyone else who considers that outright intemperate). I could go on some more but I guess you get the drift.

Federal Labor leader Kevin Rudd

Image via Wikipedia

While they genuflect before the Chinese and the Japanese and have developed an altogether false sense of importance by licking the asses of the U.S. & U.K. on a sustained basis for decades altogether, you would wonder what makes them adopt a rather cavalier and supercilious attitude towards India whom it will need increasingly in the years to come for its continued well-being and survival. Its because, India, owing to its own internal inefficiencies, muddle-headed handling of foreign affairs, and various other contradictions has failed to drive home the message about who clearly holds the upper hand in this relationship. I reiterate again that no Australian institution or individual – and that includes the media, administration, public and private sectors – will ever dare to pull off this kind of caper on such an important and sensitive issue with either China or Japan. It’s about time Indian institutions and individuals demonstrated a greater degree of self-confidence and self-respect in all such matters rather than merely whining half-heartedly and then doing nothing about it.


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  1. #1 by Ujjal Choudhury on September 30, 2010 - 8:41 AM

    @Raja: I like your views, not the post. Couldn’t agree more with what you have said but it’s wishful thinking if you ask me. We just don’t have what it takes to do all these. Reminds of a not altogether unrelated issue, the state of our Embassies, and High Commissions abroad. It’s precisely because we are a bunch of wimps that they just sit there warming the chairs (though I must put it on record that the Dhaka High Commission was an exception).

  2. #2 by Koushik Mitra on September 30, 2010 - 8:43 AM

    My point is, before you invite someone into your home, you clean it up. Metaphorically speaking here, you don’t keep poop floating in the toilet in one bathroom, and then tell the guest, well…no big deal…just use the other bathroom. If India does not show it’s best face, and put it’s best foot forward on a consistent basis, this sort of sensasionalist reporting will keep hapenning. Noone owes you respect, respect cannot be demanded, respect has to be earned. When the entire world sees the double standards with which the rich and the poor in India are treated, what do you think goes through their mind? Telling someone from sub-saharan Africa that look India is booming because there are more cellphones that toilets, it might sound wonderful to the African. Not the same in the “developed” world. It doesn’t make sense to them why it’s not the other way around. I am faced with the same question time and again: Why do the majority of people in India live in poverty, when it seems the country is not poor? They can’t understand why the government of the “worlds largest democracy” doesn’t take care of it’s own people.

    • #3 by mitraroger on September 30, 2010 - 8:54 AM

      @Koushik – Couldn’t really understand the relevance of your comments for this particular post. This is very specifically about a blatantly false and ‘concocted’ sting operation re: security at the Games which has now been exposed as a total fabrication. The post and all the comments are specifically about this particular aspect and not about all the other problems / issues which have been highlighted, posted and discussed ad infinitum by a host of columnists and members for weeks now.

      Suggest you view the entire video clip and then without getting into all the other aspects answer a very simple question: In any country in the world, including the U.S. U.K. and a host of other countries where terrorism is a live issue and security a sensitive issue, if an individual makes a hoax call saying there is a bomb planted on say a particular aircraft and is found out later, how is he dealt with under the law? What this guy did is far worse than that because his fabricated piece was picked up by the media across the world without ratification and publicized widely and based on that fabricated piece of reporting there were repercussions which were unpleasant and unwarranted.

  3. #4 by Arin Basu on September 30, 2010 - 8:44 AM

    Yes @Rajada, the Australians did a nasty sting job and India should have appropriately responded, but they didn’t, and that in my consideration another mistake. I think @Koushik’s argument is relevant here in the sense that the reason for this inability of India to take action against these people is similar to the sloppy and unprofessional bhaiya like approach of “ho jayega Saab, sab ho jayega” and then when the d day comes, nothing works out. Too unfocused.

  4. #5 by Koushik Mitra on September 30, 2010 - 8:46 AM

    I think we all agree that the question is, why do people dare to pull off such a stunt on India? I think that surely, money and notoriety is a motive, the other one is because they are not afraid of any repurcussions. They would’ve thought twice if they were in Iran or Israel or UK or USA or China. Some countries earn respect for their laws and the country an an entity, because they are a police state, and some countries earn respect because the laws of the land are enforced equitably and justly. If this was the only negative story that had broken about the CWG, then people would’ve listened to the explanation from the Indians and figured it out. Just like with kids in school, the weak and the meek get bullied the most.

    I was talking to my mother today and she said that they are shooting the stray dogs around the Village. Some 20+ dogs have already been shot dead. What do you think the world’s perception of India will be when that story comes out? Yes animals get killed all over all the time, and that’s the exact thing you will hear when this story comes out.
    My question is, why can’t India hold itself to a higher standard?

  5. #6 by mitraroger on September 30, 2010 - 8:50 AM

    I quite agree that India’s failure to respond not only to this incident but to very many other similar ones, encourage people, organizations and even certain countries to carry them out over and over again. A prime example of this is what India did or rather did not do after its Parliament was attacked by terrorists and again after the 26/11 mayhem. It is perceived as the classical soft state which muddles through all such episodes with a shrug of its shoulders and a casual ‘chalega yaar’ attitude.

    Being a democratic country and even being threatened by the U.S. administration of the time did not prevent India from proactively carrying out ‘Operation Bangladesh’ in 1971. Such proactive and decisive actions have little to do with the political system. It’s the quality of the leadership stupid, as one might say.

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