The Dismantling of Security and Internal Governance in India

The recent spate of terrorist attacks and acts of sabotage leading to significant loss of civilian lives as well as ‘accidents’ resulting in large numbers of casualties raises some fundamental issues. A friend of mine recently wondered whether, given the spate of terrorist attacks and accidents, it is safe for Indians at all to travel either by road, rail or air. As a corollary, allow me to share my thoughts on what has turned out to be a major security and law and order issue.

that rail tracks were possibly sabotaged for the latest horrendous accident and
given that a bus was blown up on the highway some days earlier, the
Maoists / Naxalites have shown an utter disregard for loss of innocent
civilian lives and also the willingness to
strike anytime, anywhere. Since it is just not
possible for all the highways and railway tracks in the country to be
guarded round the clock, the country and the government is effectively
being held hostage by the Maoists, taking advantage of the indecision,
inaction and the utterly wimpish nature of this govt. Given the holes in
security systems, one wonders when the Maoists may attempt something
more spectacular by blowing an aircraft out of the sky by remotely
detonating explosives planted.

Also read that one of the reasons
for the recent strike by AI employees was that salaries had been
delayed. One can understand the demotivation and uncertainty among the
employees at all levels as a result. In this situation, deliberate
sabotage with the connivance of certain disgruntled employees is very
much a possibility (and to think that turning around bleeding public
sector orgns. or disinvesting in terminally ailing cases were supposed
to be the cornerstones of the economic policy of a bumbling old wimp
& puppet who doesn’t lose any opportunity to project himself as ‘ze
Economist P.M.’. Kind of makes you sick, doesn’t it?).

The two
persons who are to be squarely held responsible for this state of
affairs has to be Blue Turban (as the most incompetent, ineffective wimp
and puppet that India has had as the overall chief for some time now)
and his dimpled ‘vapourware’ minister in charge of homeland security,
Chidambaram. Both of them cannot escape responsibility for the mounting losses of lives in the country
through terrorist activities or ‘accidents simply waiting to happen’.

please explain to me how, under these circumstances, Blue Turban can be
allowed to get away with impunity by the national media during his joke
of a press conference recently and how Chidambaram can be allowed
to make a series of vacuous, at times conflicting statements to certain
chosen acolytes from the national media, while the body count keeps on mounting.

As the popular saying goes, people get the government they deserve. Such is the paucity of qualified and competent people in India’s politics currently that the oldest and largest national political party has to dust out a nondescript retired bureaucrat, who had no significant achievements during his career in the Government, as an eminent economist and a champion of liberalization when the reality is anything but that. All because the party happens to be headed, in keeping with the best dynastic traditions, by a lady of Italian origin, who happens to be the widowed wife of an erstwhile Prime Minister, who himself took up the top job by way of an orderly dynastic succession and who was later assassinated while out of power. The lady can’t quite take up the top job herself fearing the anticipated resultant clamour by the opposition, and, to an extent by the media, about her foreign origins. Hence the need for a faceless, pliant puppet and wimp who would carry out instructions unquestioningly while keeping the hot seat warm for the nextgen member of the dynasty to adorn it when the time is ‘propitious and right’.

Amen, India!

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