The Pathetic State of the Game of Cricket in India

IPL Parties Took a Toll : Dhoni

I can’t help but rant about this. What an
unmitigated asshole, the current, much-feted and bloated captain of the
Indian cricket team is turning out to be. M.S. Dhoni now promptly blames
everything else but himself and his team for losing. I don’t guess he
was under any compulsion to let his hair and much else down during the
IPL parties. Surely it couldn’t have been a surprise
that the T20 World cup was coming up. I recall seeing a statement from
him earlier that the IPL was in fact, excellent practice for the
forthcoming T20 world cup. Yet a guy, who built-up his image, reputation
and substantial bank balance on the back of a T20 final win and a whole
host of Test and one-day wins – most of which incidentally were played
in India or in the Indian subcontinent where India’s track record
historically has been much better compared to matches played overseas,
in countries like S. Africa, England & New Zealand – can now come
up with nothing better than a bunch of juvenile excuses and a classical
loser’s ‘I couldn’t care less’ attitude.

Surely a guy like this
can’t continue to be a leader of men and one of the leading planners and
strategists for the team. But wait, before one divests him of the
captaincy, there is this little issue of cleaning the BCCI stables of
Pawar, Patel, Manohar, Srinivasan, Amin and Rajiv Shukla (he who was the
prime advisor to Mr. Blue Turban, about whom the less said the better,
during the peak of the IPL ‘disclosures’) and a host of other thugs,
petty crooks and minions who carry out their master’s bidding. One knows
of course that such things can’t ever happen and the more things
apparently change, the more they actually remain the same as far as the
BCCI, scams and Indian cricket are concerned.

The loser in all
this is surely the gullible,much manipulated Indian public which just
can’t get rid of its traditional obsessions with politics and cricket
(Tharoor as the wannabe people’s representative was on the right track
after all). So after a comparative lull and superficial recriminations
which really mean nothing, all the collective muck would be swept under
the proverbial carpet and a new era will dawn in Indian cricket, no
different of course than many of the previous eras that have come and
gone. Vive le changement!

An alternative moral universe – comment by Santosh Desai

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