The ham-handed, befuddled Scion of the Tata family


Yet again, Ratan Tata has demonstrated his naivete & lack of finesse. It is an unassailable fact that he entered into an agreement with the CPM led State Govt. for land at throwaway prices. Additionally the complete package of soft loans, subsidies, indirect & direct tax breaks offered to Tata Motors for this project were quite unparalleled.

For over two years, he made bold noises about not succumbing to any pressure. During this entire period, he neither paid heed to ground realities nor to festering issues & problems created due to the utter incompetence of and the continuing bungling by the State Govt. spearheaded by the clueless Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and his moronic utterly incompetent Industries minister, Nirupam Sen.

When the shit hit the ceiling after Mamata Banerjee took up the cause of dispossessed, disgruntled & dissatisfied farmers recently, Ratan Tata or his minions still did not quite perceive the ground realities of the situation. When, as per the freedom of information act, the state was required to make public the highlights of their agreement with Tata Motors, they tried their best to prevent the details of this one-sided, inequitable deal with the State from coming out by obtaining a temporary stay order from the High Court. In all fairness, no agreement which any State Govt. enters into, utilizing land acquired from various individuals utilizing archaic & arcane laws & subsidizing the project utilizing  public funds can be a confidential. Any agreement of this kind has fundamental differences from that entered into between two individuals or business houses.

Finally when the CPM CM Budhhadeb Bhattacharjee could not quite pull the chestnuts out of the fire on his behalf as he must have been simplistically banking on all this while, he beat a belated & messy retreat. While doing so he committed a faux pas by endorsing the CM & the State Govt. no doubt as requested by them, without taking into account their abysmal track record over three decades. While it is important for him & his business house to be perceived as steering clear of any state level or even national politics, he sullied his hands and his image considerably by dabbling in it overtly.

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