The Indian Nuclear Deal Tango

Karat the anti national agent of a major Asian power Manmohan Singh the wimp fighting to save face The Man who wants to be PM but doesn't quite know the road there The wheeler-dealer playing his cards one last time

Mulayam Singh & Amar Singh the hyenas trying to feed on a carcass The power behind the throne who is clueless The Princeling who is floundering around

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. Some of the ones above may be worth a lot more.

If it weren’t so goddamned funny it would be infuriating to most logical & sane people. Consider some of these facts:

The Congress unexpectedly comes to power over four years back with the support of the Communist parties, the major one among them viz., the CPM led by a suave villain who spouts ideological rhetoric while leading a high profile lifestyle, aided within the party and in his political machinations by his high profile wife.

The new PM Manmohan Singh & the party leader, Sonia Gandhi are so desperate for visible achievements that they finally dust off, polish and add a few bells & whistles to a draft treaty partly negotiated by their predecessor the NDA, helmed by the BJP. The present P.M., Dr. Manmohan Singh, manages to get the U.S.A. to sign off on it. The Congress party then rushes to the media, gloating about this historic achievement of theirs.

While it is the prerogative of the Government in India to negotiate treaties with foreign governments and decide on major foreign policy initiatives and there is no need to obtain Parliament’s approval at any stage for such treaties & policy initiatives, Singh & Sonia Gandhi allow themselves to be browbeaten and pushed into a corner by that agent of a major Asian power and chief of the predominant Communist party in India. Prakash Karat who has never ever in his life participated in the democratic process and won any election legitimately, even one for the leadership of his own party, becomes very much the power behind the throne. Under sustained pressure from him and his backers both at home & overseas the Congress led by Sonia Gandhi is prepared to abandon this much-trumpeted achievement of theirs so that they can cling on to power for a couple more years and their lieutenants can reap the fruits liberally of being in power.

With the elections drawing near and with looming issues regarding inflation, corruption and governance threatening to consign the Congress to the trashcans during the next elections, Manmohan Singh, possibly the weakest P.M. that India has had in a long time and Sonia Gandhi the leader without any leadership qualities or vision decide that trumpeting the Nuclear Deal is their best chance during the next elections and hence, despite the blackmailing by Karat and the CPM they should be seen to be doing all they can to finalize the deal.

The diabolical Karat, having succeeded with his threats and arm-twisting for over a year, huffs and puffs and finally carries out the orders of the foreign power which heavily funds his party and helps to keep him and his cronies in power and announces that he is withdrawing support. Taking advantage of the utter spinelessness shown by Manmohan Singh for an extended period he even tries to equate signing the deal with abandoning secularism and hurting the interests of the minority Muslims. This doesn’t cut much ice however.

The eternal wheeler-dealer, Pranab Mukherjee, is drafted into the fray to help ensure that the Government can win the vote of no-confidence and be in power for a few more months. Pranab, who as Foreign Minister, would have been perfectly content to let sleeping dogs lie so that he can revel in the benefits of being in power till the next elections, has no other option but to act, albeit rather reluctantly initially.

Mulayam Singh Yadav & Amar Singh, who represent the basest level in Indian politics see their chance of lining their pockets before the election and getting partially out of the corner they have been shoved into and move in like hyenas smelling a dead carcass in the vicinity.

Advani, now the leader of the party which, while in power earlier, had started the whole process of signing a nuclear deal with the U.S., displays classical muddleheadedness and greed for short-term gains and after some squirming announces that his party is also opposed to the nuclear deal.The reasons for the opposition are as ambiguous as they can be.

So the circus begins in right earnest. No soap opera writer or the scriptwriters of the current-day reality shows could have dreamt up a more unlikely scenario. But then, that is Indian politics for you, right down to buying off of M.P.s of various opposition parties to triumph in the confidence motion in Parliament, ensuring that everyone concerned has a few more months in power to fulfill predominantly personal, selfish & Machiavellian objectives.

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