Reactions to my Blog & My responses

This was mailed to me by an Indian gentleman, who hails from and has always resided in Kolkata (earlier better known as Calcutta), the capital of the eastern Indian state of West Bengal . He is the younger brother of an old friend & batchmate of mine and is acquainted with me for quite some years.

I did go through your postings on the blog. I noticed a lot of dissatisfaction with and a rather uncharitable analysis of the maladies facing our nation.

Well India fortunately is not a police state and  despite lack of equitable distribution of material wealth and well being and exemplary discipline, life holds more than only challenges. But then it’s always a matter of preference.

Also, it’s entirely another matter then that Indians do not require to look west wards (or eastwards if you prefer) anymore for their general well being, rather the term NRI is rapidly being rechristened as NOT REQUIRED INDIANS. So disillusionment is an entirely two way affair.

Here is a short essay to cheer up the day :

When asked to write a short and concise essay involving "Religion, Royalty, Sex and Mystery", the winner wrote:
"My God", exclaimed the Queen, "I’m pregnant and I don’t even know who the father is !"


The mail was a reaction to the pieces in my blog

It quite intrigued, puzzled and amused me by turns and I sure felt that it merited a reply. Here it is, below:


Briefly, as I stated in my message, these are my views & takes on a variety of situations & happenings. They are not political commentaries mostly. Neither are they meant to be advisory in nature. They cover a gamut of phenomena, happenings & anecdotes which have no common link. No one else who has gone through it even remotely perceives it as such. In that respect you seem to have quite misconstrued what they are.

Given the amalgam of corporate experience, global exposures & perspectives together with my background and a certain level of maturity that I have attained, I do have definite views & opinions on a variety of subjects. I have periodically aired some of them in various publications in India and overseas. The blog is nothing different. As always like I mentioned, one does expect differing points of view, argued objectively yet strongly in some cases. Neither any of these pieces nor the blog has the slightest correlation with aspects like where I have been residing for the past decade & more or with my ‘official’ or ‘legal’ status as an Indian. Referring to these aspects in the context of the blog appears utterly irrelevant, unconnected and downright petulant.

Your mail seems to be intent on shooting the messenger owing to disagreements with the message. I shall refrain from commenting about police states. There is a wealth of information & facts on that subject globally, including across various Indian states over the ages but I have no plans to pontificate on that topic anytime in the near future. About Indians residing or settled outside India there are loads of facts, statistics and case studies on the issue. For some time now, the Indian diaspora has indeed become the subject of very interesting discussions and presentations, rooted in facts & objectivity, of many informed & interesting commentators & speakers globally.

On a more serious note, you may want to check out why the Indian Govt. regularly woos the Indian diaspora overseas and has introduced dual citizenship of sorts among other things, why H1B quotas and equivalent allocations in certain other countries including the one I have been residing in for well over a decade now get taken up in next to no time and why the numbers of Indian students in select countries, the U.S. being foremost among them, keep growing exponentially virtually. You may also want to check out the statistics re: the burgeoning number of professional Indians, doing very well for themselves in countries they have been residing in for a number of years, taking up citizenships of their resident countries.  The remittances by overseas Indians which contribute significantly towards India’s foreign exchange reserves and the growing investments by Indians & persons of Indian origin in India are aspects which have always been welcomed with open arms by the government of the day.

On a lighter note, the expansion of the term NRI that you have mentioned goes back many years and I daresay I have come across wittier and cheekier ones since. However with bidirectional flows happening at middle & senior levels and with a large number of MNCs in India being helmed by professional Indians who have cut their teeth and established their credentials overseas, this is indeed the age of the global Indian. The term NRI harks back to the era of protectionism, closed economies and the ‘ Hindu rate of growth’ and has become increasingly passé as India has opened up to the world and plugged into the global economy.

I do finally think that your mail and my reply to it are possibly interesting reads and worthy of being posted in the blog, protecting privacies of course.

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